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Bioflight begins season with two brand new Vulcanair P68 Turbo Charge airplanes.
After a booming 2014 season and a continuous demand for new top modern aircraft we decided late November 2014 to order two new airplanes.

This time we needed a little more thrust and altitude to comply with EU assignments and therefore the Turbo Charge model was a perfect match. With an ground speed of 160-180 knots and an altitude of 20.000 feet this special mission aircraft is suitable for most assignments.

The new airplanes will be equipped with all modern technology such as OxyFly, Garmin 1000 and Weather Radar..
Fly at 18.000 feet with OXYFLY!
With OXYFLY we are able to fly in 18.000 feet without the use of oxygen bottles. OXYFLY is a continuous oxygen supply for non-pressurised cabins.

When using it we are able to lower the hourly cost, as there are no bottles to refill, we save fuel and are able to stay airborne for longer periods.

Do What You Do Best, Your Equipment- Our Aircraft
Many remembers this slogan from Intergeo in Berlin. A small unknown Danish company all of a sudden comes up from no-where! Apparently we have done something right, as our business partners has slowly begun to sell of old airplanes and use us instead. We have the newest fleet of P68's in Europe.

By using one of our aircrafts we guaranty a more effective production. We have significant lower down days due to maintenance and unpredictable reparations. We have contracted all major workshops in Europa and Scandinavia and with a technical team standing by 24/7 we have all technical problems solved faster than anyone else!

Autumn sales campaign
Why stop production - Lets move south together!
We are willing to allocate our aircraft all over the world. If you are not influenced by the weather and want to continue production in southern regions, get your quote today and save up to 20% by moving your tasks into low season.

Autumn sales campaign starts from October 2015.

In the mean time let us support you during the summer on those assignments which needs to be flown in high season. If you have the right assignment we have the aircraft for you.